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WVB Centuria offers full-service rental and property management that goes far beyond the tasks of a classic property management company. These include:

Commercial property management

  • Achieving maximum returns for our investors
  • Reducing costs while optimising the assets tied up in the property
  • Maintaining the value of the property through strategic planning
  • High transparency in communication with investors and tenants
  • Uniform and lean processes, defined service levels
  • Implementation of rent increases to increase net cold rents in the portfolio
  • Management of external service providers

Technical property management

  • Ensuring the functionality of the technical facilities
  • Ongoing monitoring of the structural condition
  • Commissioning and monitoring maintenance measures
  • Implementation of large-scale construction measures
  • Submitting proposals for construction measures
  • Monitoring the budget
  • Handling insurance claims


  • Monthly accounts (income/expenditure/surplus accounting/balance sheet) accurate to the reporting date
  • Revenue accounting including dunning and deposit management
  • Expense accounting with digital receipt entry
  • Participation in the preparation of an annual budget
  • Close cooperation with tax advisors

Rental management

  • Development of letting concepts
  • High success rate even when letting in difficult markets
  • Marketing measures geared to target groups
  • Management of external brokers
  • Lean and flexible leasing processes

Receivables management

  • execution of multiple reminder runs per month
  • Active receivables management through debt counselling on site
  • Creation of a social network with the municipality, social associations and job centre
  • Agreement and monitoring of instalment payment arrangements
  • Commissioning of lawyers, close communication with the client and the lawyers

Settlement of operating costs

  • Accounting and apportionment of all incidental costs incurred
  • Analysis of operating costs to identify cost reduction potentials
  • Optimisation of framework and service agreements


  • Up-to-date and transparent evaluations and reports
  • Preparation of evaluations according to customer requirements

Accompaniment of sales processes

  • Compilation of data in electronic or paper form
  • Establishment of data rooms

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